Hey there! My name is Jeff and Jeff300_CroppedI am an artist and designer working in illustration, entertainment design, and visual development.  My calling is to help make ideas visually clear and interesting, and to provide others with a sense of place through designing visuals and experiences that are inviting and immersive. At heart, my passion is illustrating creative ideas and designing worlds and places that invite others stories worth exploring.




My Biography

My professional career began in 1994 with a new company in the comic book industry at the time – Image Comics. With Image, a summer internship eventually turned into my first professional job as Color Artist with one of its studios, Extreme Studios, where I had the opportunity of working on several great titles such as Youngblood™, Captain America™, The Avengers™ and Prophet™, to name just a few. After Image, I spent a few years in advertising and feature film and was then given the opportunity to join a new start-up team in 2002 in the interactive game industry with Spark Unlimited. With Spark, I helped design and develop environments for the studio’s first project: Call of Duty™: Finest Hour , in addition to two other interactive projects with the studio,  including Legendary, and Turning Point™: Fall of Liberty. Working with Spark eventually led to other opportunities in the industry, working on other titles and projects including Global Agenda, and Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, and a few other unreleased titles. 

After spending most of my life in Orange County, Southern California, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2006 where I now live with my wife, Heather and two children, and am working full-time as a designer and Illustrator. I’ve also had the opportunity of being a mentor for the past few years to graduating Seniors at Southern Polytechnic State University, here in Georgia, where I help guide students in their final semester toward developing their design portfolios, and provide career guidance as they prepare for beginning careers in visual communication. While being a part of this experience, I was also given the opportunity as a contributing author in the published Teaching, Seeing, and Writing 4 from Bedford-St. Martins, published in 2010; a course book used in the curriculum. In ‘Teaching’, I discuss the importance of understanding how the surroundings from the real world impact the way we stage the virtual world and conversely, how the virtual world is now impacting the real world!