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The Image Revolution

Here’s a short trailer, The Image Revolution, for a documentary about the inception of Image Comics and its founders… a group of extremely talented artists such as Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, and Todd McFarlane (to name a few) who left their roots with Marvel during the beginning of the comic book boom in the early 1990s, to form a new company which would end up changing the industry forever. Through a new line of books and hot new properties such as Spawn, Youngblood, and Gen13, seven artists would go onto establishing their own studios under the Image umbrella, and end up attracting many other artists to help bring a fresh new face to comic books, and how they were developed, with a focus upon creative ownership and control over their creations.

Watch the trailer, and feel free to check out a short write up about the team and the documentary, from The Hollywood Reporter, here!

I had the privilege of being able to work with Image, straight out of high school, within a couple of years after the company got started. As fate would have it, even though I knew Rob Liefeld during my youth group days at the local church, I ran into Rob Liefeld (Co-Founder and owner of one of one of Image’s satellite studios, Extreme Studios, and creator of comic successes such as Deadpool and Youngblood) right before graduating high school, where he offered me an internship with the studio for the summer; an opportunity which ultimately ended up turning into a full-time job as a color artist with the team by summer’s end, in sunny southern California. I ended up working with Image/Extreme for roughly three years and will remember those years as some of the best years of my life. I’m very fortunate for the time I had to work with such a talented team, and am thankful for the privilege I had to get to know such a great group of people; not to mention an opportunity which ended up being a springboard for opening up many other opportunities in my career as a professional artist.

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